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From beach waste to sustainable design

Did you know that only 10% of all plastic is recycled?

Plastic is very ‘sustainable’: it does not perish, it is strong, flexible and many types are well suited for recycling. Yet we use it as a disposable material and we are making more and more of it. Because of this it is all around us and suffocates our earth.

In our social upcycle workshop, which is inspired by Dave Hakkens ‘ ‘ Precious plastics ‘ project , we make beautiful, new products from jute plastic. No mass production, but custom work in limited editions. Our creativity is unlimited. We like to use all the possibilities that ‘beach trash’ offers us.

Circular Soap Kit | Circular Soap Package

A 100% circular soap package against waste; a soap dish of ‘beach trash’, an olive soap from residual flow olive oil and a wrapper of recycled paper with meadow mix seeds.

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Our way to a cleaner Zandvoort

Juttersgeluk joins forces with Liefs from Zandvoort in the campaign Our way to a cleaner Zandvoort . Circular soap packages with a sustainable message are distributed to visitors and tourists through participating B & Bs.
Do you want to become an ambassador with your B&B? Then go to the campaign page and order our 100% jute, 100% organic and 100% recycled soap packages.

Picked & made for you

A skipping rope made of PET bottles, a lamp made of caps or a bracelet made of fishing rope? You can make all these circular products from plastic that you pick up from the beach.

Do you want to make a circular product or do another project together with Juttersgeluk? Please enter the following information here

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