Our way to a cleaner Earth

The Circular Soap Kit is part of our project “Our way to a cleaner Earth”.

A project with which we work together towards a cleaner and more sustainable Earth.


Handpicked beach plastics, shredded and molted into soap trays at our Social Upcycle workspace.

The design is made in collaboration with Merel @ Precious Matters and available in the following colour beach plastics:

  • Terra cotta – made from washed up fish crates
  • Sea green – made from fishing nets
  • Marble white – made from jerrycans and bottles
  • Olive green – made from a washed up garden chair
  • Grey granite – made from handpicked bottlecaps
  • Deep sea diamant – made from ‘sea’ through bottles


  • Package free
  • 100% biological
  • Vegan
  • 32% left-over oliveoil
  • Handmade

The soft olive oil soap in the ‘Circulair soap Kit’ is made with 32% residual oil from small biological olive oil farms. Kusala Gifts used the overproduction and gave it a special treatment, to make it into these lovely soaps. A soap that supports less and smarter use of raw materials.



Happy flowers = happy bees!

Step 1: Water

Step 2: Soil

Step 3: Grow

Step 4: Enjoy!


5 euro of each sale goes to COVID-19 protection packages for people in poor sanitary conditions.

The kits are 17,50 euro each.

Juttersgeluk is a non-profit foundation. With your contribution, you support our existence and our work:

  • Beach clean-ups
  • Upcycling beach plastics
  • Sheltered workspaces

To decrease your ecological footprint you can keep the following easy eco tips in mind. Because every small step towards a cleaner = greener earth matters!

Easy eco tips

  1. Refuse Single Use plastics
  2. Bring your own bottle and bag
  3. Borrow a bike or take a hike
  4. Pick up 3 to save the sea
  5. Inspire others and spread the word, sharing is caring!
  6. Green gifts! Shop local, home-made, upcycled or thrifted
  7. Plant power is green power; swap animal products once a while
  8. Recycle your waste!
  9. Save energie! Turn off the lights and unplug before you leave
  10. Enjoy nature and get inspired