It is within our reach, no more plastic on the beach!


Every year, more than 11 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the oceans. That’s an entire truck every minute!

Plastic does not fully degrade, it breaks down into increasingly smaller pieces. Those pieces become microplastics, which become increasingly toxic.

Fish and other marine animals ingest microplastics, which is how it enters into the food chain. This poses a danger to our health as well.

You will find microplastics on this beach. They wash up in large amounts.

Will you help us ensure the planet’s plastic problem does not get worse?

PLASTIC SOUPWhat can you do to help?

  • Use sustainable alternatives instead of disposable plastic. For example, bring your own water bottle or shopping bag
  • Having a party? Use fabric decorations and reusable cups. Flares. Balloons. Confetti.
  • No cigarette butts in the sand!
  • Book a cleanup event at Juttersgeluk 
  • Join the Plastic Soup Walk (with kids bingo card available here)
  • Want to buy souvenirs? Make sure they’re circular. In our shop.
  • Learn more about plastic and fighting the plastic soup

>> How to separate beach trash?

Juttersgeluk’s beachcombers collect washed-up (micro)plastic from the beach every day. From the recyclable plastic we find, we make new products in this social pop-up workshop. Juttersgeluk stands for an inclusive and circular society. Get involved!

Together, we will fight the plastic soup and ensure a sustainable world in which everyone can (continue to) participate.  


HDPE and PP go into the workshop.  

Take a look!

Boek Nu